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Chapter 4740: Celestial Spider Gods Ambush

The vast net descended and engulfed the battlefield, covering numerous mountains and lakes.

It also contained a mysterious pull, dragging all existences closer and closer.

It resembled a spiderweb attempting to trap various insects.

Li Qiye was clearly the main target, being at the center of the nest.

It surrounded everything within ten thousand miles of him and started releasing its corrosive energy.

Mountains and lakes melted in no time at all, not due to extreme temperatures but something else entirely.

Not even sovereigns could withstand this force.

Through cultivation, cultivators gained a new body impervious to poisons and venoms.

This simply didnt work against the net.

It had something capable of corroding the flesh and the true fate.

“Damn!” Spectators became afraid because this corrosive force was more dangerous than sabers and swords.

The latter could be blocked and parried.

Injuries were limited but this net could eat their true fate.

“Clank!” A sharp spear descended in the direction of Li Qiye, followed by many more.

The net came first to stop him from escaping, these spears were the killing blow.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, making it difficult for anyone to react in time.

The shadow of a colossal spider cast over the area.

The creature above had a radiant glow.

“Celestial Spider God!” Everyone recognized the spider right away.

This was one of the three saints working for Five-sun King, a demon god from the east.

Its venom was notorious for being fatal regardless of the victims cultivation realm.

Once infected, removing it was virtually impossible.

It would eventually corrode the flesh and then the true fate.

In fact, being strong might be an unfavorable trait since it would only serve to prolong the agony.

The process could last more than a thousand years for powerful ancestors - a fate worse than death.

The spider god ambushed Li Qiye and instantly sent down the physical manifestation of its venom - the net.

The spears turned out to be its long legs, intending to end its enemy.

“Such a ferocious attack.” An undying demon shuddered.

Not to mention a junior, even the experienced cultivators wouldnt be able to escape the sudden ambush due to the spider gods strength.

“Its rather effective, albeit dishonorable.

It is worth it though to kill Li Qiye, a great contribution.” A big shot murmured.

The spider gods status rivaled any ancient ancestor.

This included Heavenseal or any monarch from Three Thousand Dao.

Therefore, such a character ambushing a junior would be viewed as shameless and despicable.

Alas, Li Qiye has shown his terrifying potential.

Therefore, some actually celebrated his potential demise.

“The spider god has never cared about morality and righteousness.

This isnt his first time ambushing someone.” A king uttered coldly.

The ancient ancestors from the alliance side naturally wanted to eliminate Li Qiye.

However, a sneak attack was crossing the line.

They might team up and formally challenge him to a direct confrontation, nothing less.

After all, they came from prestigious sects and cared about their reputation.

Some sneered and looked down on the spider god.

Others hoped that he would be successful.

“Kekeke…” The great spider let out a nefarious sound resembling laughter.

Listeners got chills after hearing this.

“I dont care who you are, no one can survive my venom, especially not when I went all out.” The demon said.

The big shots exchanged glances and agreed that the despicable ambush seemed rather effective.

They themselves would have had a hard time evading the combo.

“Rather confident, arent you” Li Qiyes voice was suddenly heard.

“Poof!” The area where he used to be standing became ignited with dao flames.

They burned the venomous net, causing smoke to billow.

After the smoke dispersed, people saw him standing there.

The spears didnt make to pierce him since they were all caught by his hands.

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